Sunday, January 16, 2011

Live.laugh.Love... its a matter of Courage....

"Things in life move with twists and turns and they happen with valid reasons.
So if you doubt why some things happen to you,
remember this: we can never be brave and Strong if the world only provides COMFORT and JOY...
Create your Blissful Encounter! " a text message received from a good friend who didn't forget me, not even once..

Due to holiday seasons, i wasn't able to get enough sleep,. so after my granted half day from work, i decided to have a powerful sleep...
and i did it, i had a 5 hours sleep... it is so rewarding... and now its 2 am, i can't barely sleep... lol...

In line with this, i make myself busy by doing household chores and checking my old messages from a roaming Sim card...
And as i delete some of the not so important messages and reminders from my network,
i was able to take  some time, reading quotes sent by my good friends over the past years.

How i miss to be very busy every  24th of Dec,. greeting friends, relatives and families to extend my gratitude via text or sometimes via phone patch.

and since im in a busy world now, the only thing that i was able to do, it to put a status in my facebook,
greeting everyone in one bible passage that i love the most this 2010.

it goes like this, "Everything is possible for a person who has FAITH..." Mark 9:23.

trying to cover up the emptiness that I feel inside, my longing to be with my mom in celebrating this holidays,. I kept myself pre-occupied with other things,.
a therapy to remedy my aches...

God is good, that  I am truly embrace by those people that I have... Kuma-o (thanks) from the buttom of my heart.
I would regain my courage to move forward and take a big step towards my journey...

"Courage means moving ahead in spite of bumpy roads.
it means admitting you're afraid sometimes and yet moves on.
 Courage means soaring like an eagle on the wings of hope.
 it means searching for the seeds of TRUTH and allowing them to blossom in our lives.
Courage means walking tall and unafraid,
because we know that at the heart of courage is GOD. "

2:35 AM 12/26/2010


  1. this is so inspiring sis. for me courage is like sky diving. you are feet away from earth and you are aware that you don't know how to skydive... maybe your gear might not work or will lose yet you jumped into the air... because you know that he is there, at the landing, waiting for you.

    Faith on the other hand is a lifetime practice. When you see an old man who proclaim values and teach the learnings of life you can see in his eyes that it is then he gained how to include faith in the ingredients of life.

  2. sis, your absolutely right.
    we both need this Courage.

    with xoxo,
    '', tetzulatanz